About us

The Good Shepherd is a residential aged care home serving Townsville and the surrounding region. We support and care for older people as they age, helping them to live their best lives.

The Good Shepherd residential aged care home has been dedicated to serving the Townville community since it opened in the 1970s. To serve and care for our community is our only reason for being.

Founded by members of the local Anglican diocese, ‘The Good Shepherd’ refers to Jesus Christ, whose compassion motivates our work. Our logo, designed by local artist Bette Hayes, represents the Christian symbols of the fish, the shepherd’s crook and the circle – a beginning without end.

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A not-for-profit organisation, our mission is circular: our revenue supports ongoing improvement of our facilities and services.

Our mission

The mission of The Good Shepherd Home is to care in a Christian manner for people who are chronically ill, sick or frail, aged or requiring special care in a homelike environment.

Our values

Our core values define the relationships we form and the services we offer. They are our guiding principles:

residential aged care

Respect | ‘Be kind’

Everyone is worthy of respect and dignity – this is essential to quality of life. We value each individual’s uniqueness by showing courtesy and regard for the feelings and wishes of others.

residential aged care

Caring | ‘Look after’

We take seriously the responsibility entrusted to us to look after those in our care. We seek to understand others’ feelings and put ourselves in their shoes. Kindness, compassion and patience is at the heart of everything we do.

residential aged care

Hospitality | ‘Open arms’

With open arms and generous spirit, we are warm and welcoming to all. Together we strive to make others feel comfortable and at home. Our generous spirit and warmth, embraces others.

residential aged care

Optimism | ‘Be positive’

We look at the world with a positive outlook. We believe in helping others to live their best life. With a passionate approach, we are hopeful, resilient and go the extra mile.