Time spent outdoors has been shown to be highly beneficial for elderly people. The summer months, especially, are a time to enjoy the outdoors and take pleasure in nature. Each year, The Good Shepherd Home plans a variety of summer activities allowing our residents to make the most of the season. Read on to learn what we do when the sun is shining, and feel free to get in touch with our team if you’d like more information about residency at our nursing home.

Nursing Home Care in the Summer Months

Providing a diverse and stimulating programme for our residential aged care residents in the summer months is all about balancing opportunities for outdoor activity with the need to stay cool and safe in hotter weather. We do this by incorporating low-impact exercises, walking and other outdoor pursuits whilst also planning plenty of indoor activities where residents can shelter from the sun. With such a variety available, each resident can stay comfortable and engaged according to their personal preferences.

Seasonal Residential Aged Care Program

Quality of life is integral to our whole approach to nursing home care and making the most of the summer season is an important part of how we maintain a close-knit and caring community here. Our summer activity programme balances physical, mental and social stimulation so that our residents can feel happy and healthy.

Enquire About Our Aged Care Facilities

Speak to the team from The Good Shepherd Home today about our aged care facilities and find out why we are a leading provider of care for elderly people in Townsville. With a community-based approach, a qualified and experienced team, and a stimulating programme of events all year round, we can provide you or your loved ones the high-quality care you deserve.

Contact The Good Shepherd Home online today to learn more about our residential aged care and our programme of activities planned for the summer months. You can also call us on 07 4772 9900 to discuss your needs.