Aged care homes in Townsville, like The Good Shepherd Home, are often misunderstood, leading to several myths surrounding aged care facilities. This post aims to dispel these misconceptions and provide a clearer understanding of the benefits and opportunities that quality aged care provides.

Moving into Aged Care Means Losing Independence

The truth is many aged care facilities, including The Good Shepherd Home, actively encourage residents to maintain their independence. Through personalised support levels and an array of activities, residents have the autonomy to lead fulfilling lives.

Aged Care Facilities are Depressing

Aged care facilities can be communities offering social activities and excursions for residents. Here at The Good Shepherd Home, our environment offers spacious gardens located close to the Ross river banks. In consultation with residents, our leisure and lifestyle staff prepare a varied activity calendar that allows for on-site, in the immediate surrounds and in the local region.

Aged Care is Too Expensive

While aged care involves costs, various funding options and government subsidies can make it more affordable. Our team can guide you through the financial aspects, ensuring you understand the costs associated with quality aged care.

Unravelling the Truth About Aged Care Facilities

Misconceptions about aged care can prevent seniors from enjoying the benefits these facilities offer. By dispelling these myths, we hope to paint a more accurate and positive picture of aged care homes in Townsville, like The Good Shepherd Home.

Discover the Truth About Aged Care with Us

If you’re looking for an aged care home that prioritises independence, offers varied support levels and provides a wide range of on-site and off-site activities, call us on 07 4772 9900 or fill out our contact form. Explore our services and programs and discover how we can provide the best possible care for your loved ones.