Nestled in the heart of Townsville, The Good Shepherd Home emphasises the importance of seniors maintaining their independence. This piece sheds light on how our residential aged care promotes independence through a blend of regular excursions, engaging daily activities and providing various degrees of personalised support.

Daily Activities: Independence through Engagement

At The Good Shepherd Home, we firmly believe that routine and stimulating activities are critical to sustaining independence for our residents. Whether engaging in lively social events or partaking in therapeutic art classes, residents are encouraged to actively involve themselves. As one of the leading aged care providers in Townsville, we ensure these activities are not just entertaining but also mentally and physically enriching.

Regular Excursions: The Freedom of Exploration

Independence isn’t confined to our residential aged care premises. Our regular excursions allow residents to explore Townsville and its surroundings. From scenic drives to organised outings at local attractions, these trips invigorate a sense of freedom and autonomy among our residents.

Varying Support Levels: Tailored to Individual Needs

Recognising that each resident has unique needs and preferences, The Good Shepherd Home, located on the banks of the picturesque Ross river, offers various degrees of support. We strive to strike a balance between providing necessary assistance and allowing residents to retain their independence. Our approach ensures every resident feels at home while receiving the level of care they require.

The Good Shepherd Home: Where Independence Thrives

The desire for independence doesn’t wane with age. At The Good Shepherd Home, we are committed to creating an environment that fosters and nurtures this vital aspect of our resident’s lives. Our carefully curated activities, regular excursions and customised support levels all contribute towards this endeavour.

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