As one of the largest aged care providers in Townsville, The Good Shepherd Home understands how important family interactions are to our residents. This post presents some practical tips on involving grandparents in family activities, ensuring their engagement and enjoyment.

Consider Their Interests and Abilities: Personalised Fun

Every individual has unique interests and abilities. Tailor activities to suit their preferences, ensuring they can participate actively and safely. Our residential aged care home focuses on personalised activities catering to each resident’s interests and abilities.

Encourage Storytelling: A Living History

Grandparents hold a wealth of experiences. Encourage them to share their stories, creating a rich familial narrative while promoting mental engagement.

Crafting Together: Fun Across Generations

Simple craft activities are an excellent way to involve grandparents. They can contribute within their comfort and capability levels and the results are keepsakes that span generations.

Family Meals: Connection Over Cuisine

The sharing of meals fosters relationships. Involve grandparents in meal preparation or setting the table. If they’re residents of nursing homes in Townsville, such as The Good Shepherd Home, consider arranging family meals at the facility.

Outdoor Activities: Fresh Air and Fun

Simple outdoor activities like feeding birds, gardening or even short walks can be immensely beneficial for seniors. Always consider their comfort and safety and make sure the activities are manageable.

Tech Time: Connecting Through the Digital World

Teaching grandparents how to use technology can be an engaging family activity in today’s digital age. Even if they are residents in nursing homes in Townsville, like The Good Shepherd Home, technology can help keep them connected with their families. 

Enriching Family Time with Grandparents

Involving grandparents in family activities can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. These shared moments can contribute significantly to their emotional well-being, especially for residential aged care home residents.

Enhance Family Connections with The Good Shepherd Home

Looking for a residential aged care facility that fosters family connections? Call us on 07 4772 9900 or fill out our online contact form. At The Good Shepherd Home, we understand the value of family and ensure our residents maintain strong familial bonds. Let’s discuss how we can support your loved ones.