short term respite

As people age, their ability to perform daily tasks may become challenging due to physical and cognitive changes. Many seniors may be reluctant to ask for help, and it is important for loved ones and carers to be aware of the signs that a senior needs help at home. You should also stay informed of the care options available, ranging from day therapy to short term respite or residential aged care. The Good Shepherd Home is one of the aged care providers Townsville residents have trusted for over 50 years. We provide a range of care options to assist seniors and their families. In this article, we will discuss some common signs that may indicate a senior needs help at home.

Difficulty with Daily Activities and Mobility

Experiencing difficulty with daily activities is a common sign that a senior may need extra help at home. This can include basic self-care tasks such as preparing meals, administering medications, bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting. Seniors who struggle with this may begin to experience a decline in their quality of life due to the inability to complete these tasks independently. In these situations, family members and loved ones often take on the role of carer. If this sounds like you, there are aged care options available to assist you. The Good Shepherd Home offers short term respite services to seniors and families who may be struggling to carry the load of caring for a relative.

Social Withdrawal

Withdrawing from social life is another sign that a senior may need extra help at home. Seniors who become isolated or withdrawn may experience loneliness, depression or anxiety. In some cases, seniors may withdraw from social life due to mobility issues or fear of falling. Whilst providing assistance with transportation, visits or mobility aids may be a good first step, this can put extra strain on the family or carers. If you notice an older adult beginning to withdraw socially, it may be time to approach the topic of residential aged care. As one of the aged care providers Townsville residents have trusted for over 50 years, The Good Shepherd Home offers exceptional residential aged care including an activity and social calendar for our residents to enjoy together.

Family Struggles

It is not uncommon for a senior to be hesitant about the idea of aged care, or perhaps not even see the need for it. Many families carry the load of caring for an elderly relative and feel the strain on their family dynamics, their marriage, their own health or their work. The care may involve social visits, providing meals, assisting with transportation and accompanying them to appointments. All of these tasks can overwhelm a family and you may feel unable to continue with the level of care you’ve been providing. Discussing care options with your loved one is the first step. The Good Shepherd Home has been providing exceptional residential aged care and respite to Townsville residents for over 50 years. We can help you find the type of care that suits your needs and relieves some of the stress you’re feeling and to improve the quality of life for your loved one.

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