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As our loved one’s age, it is common to face the difficult decision of whether or not to seek aged care for them. Talking to your loved one about aged care can be a challenging conversation, but it is crucial to approach it with empathy, respect and understanding. You can help your loved one feel supported to make the best decision by discussing their feelings, needs and desires, whilst considering practical concerns such as healthcare and finances. Choosing an aged care provider Townsville has trusted for over 50 years can begin to lessen some concerns you or your loved one may be facing during this difficult time. Here are some of The Good Shepherd Home’s tips for discussing aged care with your loved one.

Starting the Conversation

It’s important to approach the conversation with sensitivity. Your loved one may feel vulnerable or anxious about the idea of an aged care home or leaving their own home, so it’s crucial to be mindful of this. Many feel that they will experience a great loss if they transition into aged care, and are hesitant to make any big changes. You may want to start the conversation by expressing your current feelings and concerns without judgement. Perhaps you or other loved ones are experiencing fear that they will fall at home, or maybe you feel unable to continue with the level of care you’ve been providing. We suggest trying to find a time when you can talk in a quiet and comfortable setting, without distractions or interruptions.

Be Patient

This may be a difficult topic for the older adult to consider, so you should be patient and listen to their feelings. Ask them what their concerns are, and what they would like from their care arrangements. It is common for older adults to be hesitant about the idea of an aged care home, and many have a perception of it that doesn’t align with what modern day facilities can offer. Your initial discussion should focus on what their priorities are regarding their care and the solution should be something that meets the needs of everyone involved. By listening to their thoughts and feelings, you can work together to find a solution for your family.

Consider the Practicalities

When discussing aged care providers in Townsville, it’s important to be clear about the practicalities of the situation. Openly discuss the level of care that is needed and the different types of care available that may suit. You should also discuss the financial arrangements and you may find it helpful to be armed with information about what this may look like for the older adult. While these discussions can be difficult, they are essential in ensuring your loved one is empowered to make the right decision for their situation.

Navigating these conversations may be difficult but, ultimately, any care arrangement should meet the needs of all involved and lessen the strain on family or carers. The Good Shepherd Home has been serving the community for over 50 years and continues to be one of the aged care providers Townsville families trust. To apply for care, or find out more about our services, contact us online or call 07 4772 9900.