The Good Shepherd Home provides short term respite and dementia care at our nursing home in Townsville, Queensland. Our approach is based on evidence that shows the benefits of involving residents in day-to-day life whilst providing consistency and familiarity. Read on to learn how we care for our residents, and feel free to contact our experienced and qualified team if you have any questions.

Short Term Respite Care at Nursing Homes in Townsville

Nursing homes can be an appropriate place for people to receive short term respite care. We understand that a change of environment and carers may be disruptive for a person with dementia, so we work closely with carers to ensure we fully understand the needs of each resident.

Structured Support

We work to create routine and structure to help establish a feeling of consistency, familiarity and comfort for short term residents as well as permanent residents. We understand the challenges that come with transitioning people with dementia into short term care, and we ensure that there are also benefits to be had from our caring and calm environment, encouraging participation in structured, everyday activities. Contact our team today to learn how our respite in Townsville can help you.

Our Specialised Dementia Care

Our professional team is committed to providing gentle support that helps people living with dementia feel heard, respected and appreciated. We promote independence and comfort, and provide the personalised support each resident needs to live well. Short term respite residents with us have a wide variety of needs and we make sure that those who have dementia are included as much as possible in the programme of activities and events we organise throughout the year. This allows them to benefit from social interaction as well as mental and physical stimulation.

Learn more about respite in Townsville and our approach to dementia care. Call  The Good Shepherd Nursing Home on 07 4772 9900 or contact our team online today.